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Spelling Bee Results


Gatcombe Park Spelling Bee Spring term 2017

We have held three Spelling Bee competitions this term; one for Y1 and Y2, one for Y3 and Y4 and one for Y5 and Y6. The children all had an entry spelling test with words from their key Year Group word lists from the English National Curriculum and the highest scorer from each class for each house went through to the final.

The House Captains and Vice Captains helped with setting the entry tests, marking and running the competitions and I would like to thank them for their fantastic support with all of this.

Our finalists were as follows:


Year 1 and Year 2 final

Spinnaker: Natalia Bochnia and Neda Mortaizaie-Far

Mary Rose: Dyuthi Ramamurthy and Hyacinth Aquino

Victory: Lola Moult and Niamh McDonald



Overall winners

Hyacinth Aquino

Niamh McDonald


Year 3 and Year 4 final

Spinnaker: Safwan Mohammed and Theo Challis

Mary Rose: Rosalyn Acheampong and Lexie Coates

Victory: Maisie Baxter and Alex Montalban



Overall winners

Safwan Mohammed

Lexie Coates



Year 5 and Year 6 final

Spinnaker: Mawa Hussein and Harvey Xu

Mary Rose: Khiara De’Ath and Arnav Ramamurthy

Victory: Ben Khunga and William Todd



Overall winner

Ben Khunga


It was very impressive to note the hard work that all children put into learning their age-appropriate spellings. Once in the final, it was then clear that the children really aimed high with their word lists – every Spelling Bee final had to go to ‘sudden death’ with words from the next year group’s list. The Y5 and Y6 finalists had some very tricky words for their ‘sudden death’.

Well done to everyone! Watch out for our Maths Bee next term!