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06.07.20 - 10.07.20

 Why do we need food? (To stay alive, to grow, to be stronger, to get energy, to strengthen bones, when hungry, it tastes nice, when told to etc.) What foods do we eat?

Why do we need to eat different kind of food? (They do different jobs inside our body.)

Look at the picture of 'Eatwell Guide'. What have you noticed?

Why are some sections of the Eatwell Guide bigger than others? (these are designed to represent the proportion of different foods we should aim to eat each day to keep healthy) Snacks high in sugar and fat can be eaten occasionally but it is healthiest not to have them too often. They key message is: it's how much a person eats of these types of food that matters.


What different jobs these different food do for our body? 

  • Cereal (rice, pasta, bread - sometimes known as carbohydrates etc.) gives us energy’ – pretend to run, climb etc.
  • Proteins (beans, meat, fish etc.) help our muscles grow’ – feel muscles in one arm, show your muscles.
  • Milk and dairy foods (cheese, yoghurt etc.) make our bones and teeth stronger’ – show a toothy smile, fee your bones etc.
  • Vegetables and fruit make us healthy all over – draw a big circle in the air to represent the body feeling healthy all over.

Make your own 'healthy dinner'. 

Here are some ideas: