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11th - 15th May



This week, enjoy the short video 'Dustin' and practise some of your writing and comprehension skills using the activities below. 



Below are some short tasks related to the video. There are links to resources that can be printed and used or you can draw them yourself. Enjoy!

Task 1: Create a Story Map


While you are watching the video, think about the main elements of the story.


- Who are the main characters?

- Where does it take place?

- What is the problem?

- How is the problem solved in the end?


Create a story map that represents the key parts of the video. Add as much detail as you can and use a range of sentence types - simple, compound and complex. 


Use the template below or make your own!

Task 2: Write a Diary Entry


Imagine you are Dustin the dog. Jot down your ideas to these questions:


- How does the robot make you feel?

- If you could talk to the robot, what might you say? How would you say it?

- If you could tell your owners what you think about the robot, what would you say? 

- What was your life like before the robot arrived?


Then, have a go at writing a short diary entry for the day this robot arrived into your life. You could start with...


Dear Diary,


It was another day blessed with laziness when my owners brought home an unusual package. It wasn't my birthday today, was it? 


Remember, the purpose of a diary entry is to tell the reader your thoughts, feelings and opinions about the things that happened. Use the word banks to help you. There's also an example diary entry for you to use... it might be familiar!

Task 3: Write the Next Chapter


Imagine that there is going to be a second video about Dustin the dog and Dustin the robot...


What do you think would happen? Jot down your ideas, thinking about the key elements of a story (characters, setting, problem and solution).


- Would they be the only characters? Or would there be a new character joining them?

- What would their relationship be like?

- Where would it take place? 

- Would they go anywhere?

- What could go wrong for them?

- How will they overcome the problem?


Have a go at writing the next chapter in the story! Remember the different ways we looked at in class to hook the reader in at the very beginning? You want them to read on!


It might help you to create a storyboard first to plan your ideas. Have a look at the template below.


Remember to use all your Year 5 skills! Complex sentences, relative clauses (who, which, where, when, whose, that), interesting openers, powerful language (including similes, metaphors and personification), direct and indirect speech, parenthesis...