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11th - 15th May

What Did The Ancient Maya Believe In?


This week, you are going to find out about some of the beliefs held by the Maya, including their views on worship, sacrifice, and the afterlife. You will gain an understanding of who the Maya gods were and be able to explain what some of them represented.


Task 1: Find Out More


Let's start by finding out more about about the beliefs of the ancient Maya. Read the information and watch the videos in the links below.

Now you know that the Maya believed in many gods, each representing a different aspect of their life. if the Maya lived today - in 2020 - what might their gods represent? An interesting thought!

Task 2: Create a Personal Profile


Choose a god or goddess that particularly interests you and see if you can do some more research. 


Now, create a personal profile for your god or goddess. You must include information and facts about your chosen god or goddess, as well as a picture - you could use one you have found on the Internet or you could draw your own. 


Have a look at the template below or create your own.

Task 3: Create Art 


The Maya designed masks to be worn at important events such as weddings and birth ceremonies. These masks often depicted gods and animals. They used amazing designs with bright colours painted onto wooden surfaces.


Have a go at designing - and maybe even making - your own mask based on a god or goddess.


You could use natural materials you have found outside, recycling and junk materials, paint, pencils... whatever you like! Have a look at some of the images below to inspire you - most of them are replicas based on what archaeologists believe they looked like.


I would love to see your masks so make sure you email them to me!

Maya Mask Replicas