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11th May - 15th May



WOW. We are all so impressed by the designs that we have seen already. Firstly, we are amazed at the creativity and imagination but also how thoughtful, caring and considerate you all are of other people out in the world or maybe close to you that have different needs. You have designed your inventions with great care to help these people. See below for some of the designs we have seen already across the school.


Only this week and next week to go on these challenges and we can begin putting it all together to send off to the engineers to judge! How exciting!


This week…


You have drawn your design. Now, can you have a go at making a prototype? Use whatever materials you have available to you to make your product in real life. Before engineers build their real full-size invention with all the correct materials, they always make a smaller version to give people a clearer idea of what their product does. Now it’s your turn! 

Here is one example from Bobby in Year 3 already.

The designs so far...