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Summer Term 1 Week 4 11th May - 15th May



This week, we are going to continue to look at fractions, beginning to use fraction notation. 


Work your way through these 5 lessons this week and then have a go at the quiz at the bottom of this page to see how you've got on! Don't worry about whether you're answers are right or wrong, just have a go. It is all good practice. Only I (Mrs Raper) can see your answers. 


Once you've done these lessons, if you still want a challenge, follow the link to Gareth Metcalfe's lessons for some practical challenges and problem solving.

1. Divide and describe the same whole when divided into differing numbers of equal parts

2. Understand fraction notation to represent a relationship between part and whole

3. Begin to use and understand the terms 'numerator' and 'denominator'

4. Name unit fractions and match them with the fraction notation and a representation

5. Embed previous fraction work using a linear model

Extra challenges


Follow the link below for some more practical Maths challenges and investigation.