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13th July - 17th July

Light and Dark

Task 1: Sort the Light Sources


First of all... What is light? Can you think of some different places that light comes from? These are called light sources


Watch the video linked below. Can you write down all the different light sources you can see?

Go on a light source hunt in your home!


- How many different light sources can you find in your own house?

- Can you see any that are outside from a window?

- Is the light brighter in some areas? 

- Are there any dark places?

- Why do you think they are dark?


You could write down the light sources you find, or draw pictures! 

Now, have a go at sorting the pictures below into two piles: 

1) Objects that give out light

2) Objects that do not give out light

Task 2: Experiment with Shadow Puppets


What is a shadow? How are they made?


Watch the videos below to learn more!

Have a go at making your own shadow puppets! You could use the animal templates below, or you could design your own. You could also create a shadow puppet using your hands! 


Once you have made your puppet, have a go at the activities linked below. 

Task 3: Make a Safety Poster


When is it light outside?

When does it get dark?

How can we make sure that people can still see us when it's dark outside? 

How can we make sure we are safe in the dark? One way is to wear reflective clothing. Reflective clothing doesn't give out its own light, but light bounces off so it can be seen clearly. 

Can you find anything that is reflective in your house? You can test if something is reflective by shining a torch at the material when it is really dark. 


Have a go at making your own poster to tell others how they can be safe when they are walking or on their bikes in the dark. You could even make up your own safety rhyme, like the one in the video!