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13th July - 17th July


Light and Dark

Task 1: Create a Light Maze


What is light? Where can it be found? How is it made?


Watch the videos below to find out more!

Use what you have learnt about light sources, how light travels and reflective objects to have a go at the following challenges...


- Can you reflect light from its source (like a torch) to a target point (like a wall) using a mirror or another reflective material?

- Can you find ways of blocking the light's route?

- Can you build your own 'light maze' using blocks and reflective objects (like mirrors)?

- Can you successfully navigate a beam of light through the maze?

Task 2: Create a Shadow Comic Strip


What is a shadow?

How is a shadow created?

Do shadows of the same objects always look the same?


Watch the videos below to find out more!

Your challenge is to create a shadow comic strip by making your own shadows! 


1) First, find some time to go outside with an object (like a teddy) or someone in your family. Pick a spot for your object or family member to stand in. Where is their shadow? Draw around it using chalk, or take a photo.


2) Go back outside a little while late and look at your object or family member standing in the same spot. Where is their shadow now? Draw around it again or take another photo.


3) Repeat this a few more times during the day. What do you notice about the shadows? 


4) Draw the shadows (or use photos if you took them) to create a comic strip of what happened throughout the day. 


Can you think why this might have happened? 

Task 3: Explain Your Shadow Findings


Look at your shadow comic strip. How did the shadows change? Can you predict why?


Watch the two videos linked below to find out more. 

Add labels to your comic strip to explain why the shadows are changing, or write a paragraph instead. See if you can use these key words in your explanation. 


spin, axis, light, Earth, Sun, daytime, night, east, west, shadow, change, clockwise, shorter, longer, midday, opposite, direction, shape