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13th July - 17th July

Writing Letters

Task 1: Identify Formal and Informal Language


Have you ever received a letter?

Who was it from? 

Did you keep it?

Did you reply by writing a letter?


There are many different reasons why you or someone in your family might choose to send a letter, rather than a text message or email. Can you think of any situations where a letter is the best option? If so, why?


Letters can use formal or informal language. Look at the PowerPoint to learn more. Have a go at the activities within it! 


Task 2: Find the Features


We are going to focus on letters that use formal language.


What things do you need to make sure you include in a formal letter?


Have a look at the example letter below and colour in the features labelled for you. Then, look at the next letter and see if you can find each feature to label. You could colour them in, too!

Task 3: Write Your Own Formal Letter


Now, it's your turn to write a formal letter! Think who you would like to write to (the audience) and why (the purpose). It could be a real person or a character from a story you have read. It could be from you or you could pretend to be a character!


Use the video, word cards and template below to help you.