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15th June - 19th June


Non-Chronological Reports


Task 1: Find the Features!


First of all... what is a non-chronological report? It's a piece of writing that gives facts and information about a topic, and it isn't written in time order. 


Can you think of any non-chronological reports you have read before? Perhaps in a book or a magazine? 


Read through the non-chronological report below about sharks. Some of the features are labelled in yellow boxes. Then have a look a the report about guinea pigs and see if you can spot the key features!

Task 2: Match the Facts to the Subheadings


Non-chronological reports are split into paragraphs. Each paragraph tells you something different about the topic and they usually have subheadings. 


Below are some subheadings from a non-chronological report but there's a problem... The facts that go with them are all jumbled up! Can you read each fact carefully and match it to the correct subheading?


Then, read the non-chronological report to see if you got them right!

Task 3: Be a Word Detective


Non-chronological reports usually have some technical words in them that are linked to the topic. For example, diet is a technical word for the food an animal eats. Habitat is a technical word for where an animal lives. 


Can you go on a hunt for all of the technical words in the reports you have read? You could draw a circle around them or colour them in!


When you have found them all, have a go at using them to write your own super sentences!