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18th - 22nd May


What are the Maya best known for?


This week, you are going to find out about the inventions and innovations of the Maya people.


Task 1: Find out more


Have a look at the links below to find out more.

Task 2: Create an information poster 


Imagine that you are a Maya and are responsible for developing one of their great inventions. See if you can do a little bit more research into it. 


- What was the invention and how did it work?

- Who would have used it?

- Why was it useful?

- What was the best thing about it?


Now, create an information poster about your chosen Maya invention! Your poster needs to be detailed, factual, and clearly answer the questions above. You could use the questions as subheadings to structure your poster. You could also include pictures, fact boxes and a glossary to explain any technical vocabulary.


Use the examples below to help you.


I can't wait to see your finished information posters!

Task 3: Create Art


The Mayans were famous for developing advanced systems of recording writing, numbers and dates. Have a go at creating a piece of art inspired by the Mayas' achievements.


A few ideas to get you thinking...


You could create a Maya calendar! I have linked some instructions and templates below that you could print, or use as a guide to designing your own.


You could create a piece of art using the glyphs invented by the Maya. Perhaps you could draw, paint or decorate glyphs? Or make a sculpture? Instructions to both are linked below.


Get creative and have fun!