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18th May - 22nd May

What does a healthy diet look like?


Last week, you reminded yourself what food groups we need in our diet and what makes a healthy diet.

Well, it's time to look at our own diets then!


Task 1


Have a look at what I ate last week.

Do you think this was a balanced diet last week?

See if you can work out what food groups I had each day. Did I manage to get my 5 a day?


Now do the same for your diet. Write down what you eat this week and work out which groups you have eaten.


Task 2

Plan a week's menu for your family. Make sure you have a balanced diet of all the food groups and not too much fat or sugar.

Have a look through some of your parents' cookery books for some inspiration.


Task 3

Choose and follow a recipe to help your parents cook a healthy lunch or a health dinner. Take photos of the recipe and how you cooked it! Explain why you chose that meal.