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1st June - 5th June

Magic Potions


Task 1: Design Your Own Magic Potion


Can you think of any stories, poems or films where you have come across magic potions before? What sort of characters created them? What were they used for? 


Look at the pictures below of a very special magic potion being made...


What do you notice about how the potion changes?

What do you think the potion could be for?

What ingredients do you think might have been used? 

If you could make your own magic potion, what would it do?


See in the dark? 

Go back in time? 

Become invisible? 

There are so many possibilities!


Think about the ingredients you would need for your magic potion.


A generous sprinkle of the finest, silky rose petals?

A tiny scoop of multicoloured, shimmering glitter strands?

Half a teaspoon of carefully-grated, melting chocolate shards?


Write an ingredients list for your magic potion.

Think about using adjectives to describe the colour, size and texture of each item. You can also think about the quantity of each ingredient - do you need a pinch? A handful? A dash? A tablespoon? 

Task 2: Spot The Features of Instructions


What are instructions?

Why do we need them?

Where have you seen them before? 

What must they include?

What makes them easy to follow?


Have a look at the instructions below. Can you colour in the time conjunctionsimperative verbs and adverbs? What are some of the other features you notice?

Task 3: Write Instructions For Your Magic Potion


Look at the the ingredients list you created for your very own magic potion. Using the word mat to help you, can you tell somebody in your house how to make it?


Now, write down your instructions! You can use the template below to help you, or make your own.