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1st June - 5th June

Tessellation Art 


Task 1: Create a Simple Tessellating Design

This week, we are going to look at a famous artist called M.C. Escher, who created fantastic pieces of art that were inspired by Maths! 


Have a look at the PowerPoint below to learn more about his art. Then, have a go at the task at the end to create your own mini tessellation. You can use the grids linked below to help you.


Task 2: Create A Tessellation Template


Look again at the artwork created by Escher. What types of shapes and lines did he use? What about colour? Do you see any patterns or objects within the shapes he used? 


Use the PowerPoint or video below to have a go at creating some tessellation templates that you can use to create a big piece of artwork. This time, see if you can experiment with different types of lines. Some could be wiggly, some could be straight, or you could have a mixture of both! 


Which template do you like the best? 

Escher Style Tessellations For Primary Students

Task 3: Create a Tessellation Art Piece


Now that you have made a template, you can draw around it to create your repeating pattern, just like Escher. 


Once you have filled your page with your tessellations, look carefully at it. Do you see anything in each shape? A fish? A flower? A dog? If so, you could add some simple marks for some detail, such as a dot for an eye, or a a few lines for wings or scales. If you don't see anything, that's OK too! You can leave it blank and focus on colour instead. 


Have a look at the artwork below based on Escher's tessellations to give you some ideas.

You could have a go at a few different ideas using your templates. You could experiment with:

- Different lines on your templates- curved lines, zig zags, or a mixture of both.

- Different sizes of templates.

- Different materials - chalks, paints, tissue paper etc.

- Different colours - warm and cool colours, or black and white?


You could also use the tessellation technique to make something. What about a bookmark? Wrapping paper? A book cover? A poster? A card for somebody? There are lots of possibilities! Have fun and enjoy creating.