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Teamwork - Respect - Aim High

20th - 24th April

Fluent in Five

In the document below, there is a slide per day with arithmetic questions that the children are used to completing first thing in the morning when they arrive in school. Each set of five questions is followed by a challenge. The children can then have a go at creating their own challenge, based on the structure of the one they solved that day. 

Daily Maths Lessons


Please have a go at the daily lessons provided by White Rose and start from wherever you need to. If you haven't done any of these lessons yet, then go back to 'Week 1' and start from there, otherwise you will get a little bit confused!

White Rose Maths and other Maths resources

Video explaining how Maths resources through the Gatcombe Class pages could be used.

Gareth Metcalfe's active problem-solving lessons are back up and running as of today (Monday 20th April). Underneath each video on the website is a link to a daily task. Grab a pencil and paper and have a go!