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20th April - 24th April

Are all my teeth the same?


Let's have a look at your teeth!

Wash your hands and then stand in front of a mirror looking at and feeling your teeth. 

How many teeth do you have?

Have many adult teeth do you have?

Have many milk (baby) teeth do you have?

What do you notice?

Compare with your parents or a sibling.


Now watch the BBC clip below to find out a little bit more about the types of teeth we have.

Now have a go at filling in the diagram below.

Put an A on the teeth that are adult teeth, an M on the teeth that are milk teeth and a put an X on teeth you don't have.

Label which ones are molars, canines and incisors.

Explore this website to find out more and test your knowledge.
If you wanted something extra to do you could think about why they didn't have their own teeth? You could write the story from the point of view of each man.  Decide what each man is saying to each other and create a dialogue. Write an alternative ending - perhaps one of them catches another fish, one fisherman may fall overboard in the excitement.  Write the story as a recollection from one of the old men's point of view, as if the episode happened a long time ago. You could even write it as a diary entry!