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20th April - 24th April



This week, enjoy the short film 'Soar' and practise some of your writing and comprehension skills with the tasks given below.


The story begins with a young girl called Mara. A thirteen-year-old who dreams of one day becoming an airplane designer. But every day, she test flies her model airplanes in the fields behind her house and every day, they crash.  Perhaps the saying if at first you don't succeed try and try again is her motto!

One day, after yet another unsuccessful flying attempt, Mara sits gloomily at a picnic table, trying to come up with new ideas. Suddenly, inspiration hits her on the head – literally. A tiny 5-inch-tall boy and his fantastical flying machine drop out of the sky.

She realises that he is in trouble: his flying ship is broken, and the rest of his fleet is leaving without him. Now Mara must use every ounce of inspiration she has to fly her new friend back home – before it’s too late!

CGI Animated Short Film "Soar" by Alyce Tzue | CGMeetup



Below are some short tasks related to the video. There are links to resources that can be printed and used or are quite easy to draw yourself. Enjoy.


Task 1


Think about what you now know about Mara and complete a 'role on the wall' for her. Remember we've done this lots in class. On the inside of the person, use adjectives and phrases to describe her emotions and her personality. On the outside of the person, use adjectives and phrases to describe how she shows those emotions and describe her appearance.


Then have a go at writing a descriptive paragraph using different types of sentences to describe Mara and her emotions. Can you even use some fronted adverbials too? Remember those commas!

Have a look at the attached document to remind yourselves about complex sentences. 

Task 2


What might the characters be saying?

Use your imagination and what you know from watching the video to create some speech to go with the pictures in the document below.

Use correct speech punctuation and add an interesting reporting clause with a verb and an adverbial phrase.

If you're feeling confident, try putting the speech in different places within the sentence.

Task 3


Create your best possible paper aeroplane!

Then think about the key steps you went through to make it. Write yourself a set of clear and detailed instructions of how to make your paper aeroplane.

Remember to include an introduction, an equipment list and clear numbered steps with detail.

Then see if someone can follow your instructions! Send it to the school's email address ( and I will see if I can make it!



Enjoy the text below and then have a go at answering the VIPERS questions at the bottom.