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20th April - 24th April

The human skeleton: what is the purpose and what does it look like?

By the end of this week, you will know why humans have skeletons and be able to name and label some of the bones in the human body, including the cranium(skull), scapula, sternum (breastbone), ribcage, pelvis, spine and femur.


Let's see what we can find out...

Watch these videos and have a look through the powerpoint below to find out all about the human skeleton. Then choose from the tasks below to show what you have found out.



The bones of the human body



  • Make a skeleton out out whatever you can - drawing around your body with chalk, string, sticks, clothes or a paper model (Above in the links is a human sized skeleton to piece back together if you have a printer). Get creative. Can you make one that moves? Then label the bones that you have learnt. Add some other information about the human skeleton - why do we have a skeleton?


  • Create a quiz about the human skeleton. See what other interesting facts you find out and turn them into questions.