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20th April - 24th April

Fluent in 5


In this document, there is a slide per day with arithmetic questions that the children are all used to doing every morning in school. It keeps these key skills ticking over and there is a daily times table fact to learn too. 

This half term, try learning your whole 9 times table.

How many times can you use that fact in your day? Make some arrays with different objects. Show it with groups of different objects. Make up a problem for your family.

Keep up your TTRockstars practice too. I've noticed how hard some of you working on that. It's impressive!

White Rose Home Learning

Year 3 - Fractions


Please have a go at the daily lessons provided by White Rose and start from wherever you need to. If you haven't done any of these lessons yet, then go back to 'Week 1' and start from there otherwise you will get a little bit confused!

Watch the video from each lesson and click on Get the Activity to download the worksheet. 


It does not matter if you cannot print the worksheet as you can edit through an app like Adobe through the make comment tool or you can talk through the questions with your child. The YouTube video at the bottom of the page explains how to access and use the White Rose Maths worksheets in more detail as well as some other Maths links.


It is about understanding the concept rather than completing every question. 


You can then go through the answers through Get the Answers. Do not worry if your child has made mistakes as this is a chance to learn. 


Complete all 5 lessons from the week you are on and if you wish to move onto the next week to catch up, then please do.

Maths video of resources

Video explaining how Maths resources through the Gatcombe Class pages could be used.