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20th July - 22nd July

The Sound Collector

by Roger McGough

Task 1: Pick Out The Sounds


This week, we are going to look at a fabulous poem called The Sound Collector by Roger McGough.

Read the poem and watch the video of Roger McGough reading his poem out loud.


Colour in the sound words (like 'whistling') in red. Colour the object words that tell you what is making the noises (like 'kettle') in blue. 


Where do you think the poem takes place? 

What is it about?

How many lines of writing are in each little section?

How many sections are there altogether?

Task 2: Identify Rhyming Words


Look at the first section of the poem. Which words rhyme? Colour them in green. Then, look at the other sections and colour all the rhyming words. Is there a pattern? 


Now, choose a place. Try to pick one that has lots of different sounds. It could be a zoo, park, cafe, football match, or any other place you can think of!


What sounds can you hear there?

What objects make those sounds?

For an extra challenge, can you think of object words that rhyme, like Roger McGough does? eg. clock and lock. 


Write them down in the template below to form a plan for your very own version of the Sound Collector poem. You can use the word mat to help you.

Task 3: Write Your Own Sound Collector Poem


Now, it's your turn to create your own Sound Collector poem!


Use your plan, as well as Roger McGough's original poem, to write about the sounds in your chosen place. 


There is a template below, or you can make your own.