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20th July - 22nd July

Food Glorious Food

Task 1: Create a Healthy Lunchbox


This week, we will be looking at different foods we can eat to keep our bodies healthy. Have a look at the video and PowerPoint below to find out more.


Then, have a go at creating a lunchbox that is full of healthy foods to enjoy. You could cut out the pictures below and stick them on the template or you could draw your own. You could even make a healthy lunchbox of real food with someone in your family!

Task 2: Sort the Food into Groups


We can sort food into different groups depending on what they do in our bodies.


Have a look at the PowerPoint below to find out more. Then, see if you can match each food to the group it belongs to. Can you add any more foods to the groups?  

Task 3: Keep a Food Diary


Have a go at keeping a diary of the food and drink you have over a few days or a week. You could draw each meal, write the names of the food the meal contained, and what food group they belong in. 


Use the template below or create your own!