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22nd June - 26th June


Non-Chronological Reports

Part 2


Task 1: Plan Your Own Non-Chronological Report


First of all, remind yourself of the learning you did last week...

What is a non-chronological report? 

What are the features?

What sort of words might you find?


Now, it's your turn to plan a non-chronological report about your very own imaginary type of creature! If somebody wanted to find out more information about your type of creature, what would they want to know? Here are some ideas to get you thinking:


What does it look like?

Where does it live?

What does it eat?


Use the template below to plan your report. You can draw your imaginary creature in the middle and write facts in the 'bubbles' around the edge. Remember to put the facts under the matching subheadings! There are some spare bubbles in case you want to add your own sub-headings too.

Task 2: Write Your Non-Chronological Report


Now it's time for you to write your report! Think about writing super sentences that give as much detail and information about your type of creature as possible. 


I wonder how many adjectives you can use? What about technical words? Make sure you include them! 

Task 3: Edit and Publish Your Report


Read your non-chronological report very carefully out loud. You can check:


- Does every sentence make sense?

- Are there any spelling mistakes?

- Have I used capital letters, full stops and commas correctly?

- Have I used any exclamation marks or question marks?

- Can I make any of my sentences even better by using a technical word or adjective?



Once you have checked and edited your writing, you can write your best copy! There are some templates you could use below, or you could make your own. Then, take a picture and email it to your teacher to see!