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22nd June - 26th June

Non-Chronological Reports

Part 2


Task 1: Plan Your Own Non-Chronological Report


First of all, remind yourself of the learning you did last week...

What is a non-chronological report? 

What are the key features?

What sort of vocabulary would you find? 

Would the style be formal or informal?


Now, it's your turn to plan a non-chronological report about your very own imaginary species of creature! If somebody wanted to find out more information about this new species, what would they want to know? Here are some ideas to get you thinking:


What is its appearance like?

What is its habitat?

What is its diet?

What are its habits?


Use the bubble template below to plan your report. The bubble in the middle is for a detailed drawing of your imaginary species and the bubbles on the outside are for your ideas- one bubble for each paragraph!


Have a think about:

What subheadings will you use? (One for each bubble)

What technical language will you include?

What formal language will you use?


Remember, this is just a plan so you don't need to write in full sentences. You can make notes or bullet points of the key information and language you want to include. 


Task 2: Write Your Non-Chronological Report


Now it's time for you to write your report! Think about:


- Including powerful adjectives and verbs to describe your new species in detail.

- Starting your sentences in different ways with a range of openers.

- Using technical and formal language.


Use the checklist and word mats below to help you.

Task 3: Edit and Publish Your Report


Read your non-chronological report very carefully out loud. You can check:


- Does every sentence make sense?

- Are there any spelling mistakes?

- Have I used capital letters and other punctuation correctly?

- Can I make any of my sentences even better by up-levelling an adjective or verb?

- Have I used technical and formal words and phrases?

- Have I used a variety of openers?


Once you have checked and edited your writing, you can write your best copy! Don't forget to include a detailed picture. There are some templates you could use below, or you could make your own. Then, take a picture and email it to your teacher to see!