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22nd June - 26th June


Ocean Art


Task 1: Evaluate Ocean Art

This week, your learning is based around the work of an incredible artist called Aline Houdé-Diebolt. Have a look at the information and pictures below to learn more about her and the art she creates!

- Aline Houdé-Diebolt is a French artist.


- She lives and works in Paris.


- She studied calligraphy, screen printing and paper art in China.


- Now, she specialises in paper art, working mainly in fashion and advertising. 


Look at some of her paper artwork below. Can you spot which piece is about pollution in the oceans?


Think about these questions. You can write down your answers or talk to someone in your family about them.


- How has the art been made?

- What materials have been used?

- What shapes and objects can you see?

- How would you describe the colours? 

- What is your favourite thing about the artwork and why?

- How does it make you feel?

Task 2: Experiment with Paper Art


Look at the underwater scenes below.

What shapes and colours can you see?

Which ocean shapes do you think you could make using paper?


There are lots of ways to make art using paper. One of them is called origami, which involves folding the paper to make lots of different shapes. Have a go using some of the tutorials below. Remember to ask an adult for help if you are using scissors!

Task 3: Create an Ocean Scene


Can you use your paper folding skills to create an underwater ocean scene, just like Aline Houdé-Diebolt? You could decorate your origami sculptures using pencils, paints or natural materials. You could even create a colourful background for them to float in! 


Have a look at the art below for some inspiration.