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27th April - 1st May

How Was Maya Society Structured?


This week, you will find out how the Maya civilisation was organised and how people's roles in society differed. 


Task 1


First of all, let's look at the different types of people who lived in a Maya society. Look at the document below that contains information about the different roles that you might have had if you were a Maya. See if you can match each description to a person! Then, have a go at ranking them from 'least important' to 'most important'. Check the PowerPoint afterwards for the answers. 

Task 2


The Maya never formed one unified nation. Their civilisation was made up of more than a hundred city states, each with a different ruling family.


What exactly are city states? What were they like? Who lived there? 


Find out more in the Powerpoint and video below. Then, choose a Maya city state that interests you and do a little bit of research into it. What can you find out about it? How was it similar and different to other city states? 


Now you know a bit more about the city states created by the Maya, imagine you are an expert about to give a guided tour around an ancient city state... Create a leaflet or a poster that gives the people on your tour more information about what they are seeing. Think about these questions:

What features are they going to see?

Where are they positioned?

What were they for?

Who were they used by?

You could also add pictures, a map and fact boxes if you want to. Have fun!

Task 3 


Create a piece of art to represent a Maya pyramid - a very important feature of a city state. You could paint it, make a model, create a collage or do a drawing. You could use one type of material or several. The choice is yours! Make sure you send in a photo - I can't wait to see your creations!


Have a look at the pictures below for some inspiration.