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27th April - 1st May

How can we keep our teeth healthy?


This week you're going to be looking at how we keep our teeth healthy and so we'll be looking in a bit more detail about what type of teeth we have and what our teeth are made of.


So first of all, let's test how our teeth react to things we drink. 


Task 1

You're going to set up an experiment using eggs to represent teeth and see what happens over the course of the week. Follow the steps in the powerpoint to set up your experiment.

Every day, then check on your eggs and make a note of what has happened to each of them. 

Task 2


So, you've had a look in your own mouths. I'm sure it surprised some of you how many you had and how many are yet to come, especially compared with an adult.

You started to look at the different types of teeth and what they do. Watch the video again to remind yourself. Now have a go at the first 3 pages of the worksheet below. See how much you can remember. The answers are at the bottom of the booklet. No peeking!


Task 3


What are our teeth actually made up of? There's a little bit more to it than you might think!

Have a look at the website below to find out more and take the quiz at the end. You can also watch the video.

Then have a go at creating your own tooth and labelling the different parts. Maybe you could get creative and produce a tooth with layers, uncovering one at a time!