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29th June - 3rd July

Marvellous Maps


What are maps?

What are they used for?

What are their features?


Have a look at the video linked below to remind yourself! 

Task 1: Match the Symbols


Watch the video below to find out more about symbols used on maps. Then, have a go at the matching game!

Task 2: Crack the Code with Grid References


Have you noticed that many maps are divided into a grid of squares? The lines that make up these squares are numbered and are used by map readers to locate a specific place. This is known as using grid references.


Have a look at the PowerPoint below to learn more about grid references. Then, see if you can read the grid references to crack the secret code!

Task 3: Plan a Route


When we have to travel from one place to another, we need to plan a route - the way we need to go.


Have a look at the PowerPoint below to learn more about routes.

Now, use the map of Hilsea to pick a start point and an end point and draw a route on the map. Then, write a description of your route for someone in your family so that they can follow it. Don't forget to use grid referencesroad names, places you may pass, and compass directions!


Challenge: Can you plan a different route to the same place? Which route would you take if you were to travel by bus, bike or car?