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Teamwork - Respect - Aim High

30th March - 3rd April

Read the poem ‘Jim’ one verse at a time (see below). This is a cautionary tale which gives us a lesson about consequences if you don’t follow instructions!


 Is there any language that is tricky or you don’t understand? Use your decoding strategies to help you read any tricky words. Think about how you could work out what some of the words mean by reading the sentence or verse again.

Can you pick out all the rhyming words?

What happens in each verse? 



  • Spend some time learning the poem off by heart. Keep coming back to it at different times to see what you remember.

  • Perform the poem. Think about your intonation (voice going up and down), tone of voice (what mood your voice is giving us), volume and action.

  • Have a go at writing your own poem about a child and try to follow the structure of ‘Jim’.

Verse 1: Who is the child? What do they like? What do they normally do? Where did they go?

Verse 2: What did the child always do wrong or what instruction did they never follow?

Verse 3: What happened because the child didn’t follow an instruction?

Verse 4: How did others react?

Verse 5: Tell the parents what happened.

Reading comprehension

Read through the text once to look for any words that are unfamiliar and see if you can use your strategies to decode the word and then work out its meaning from the sentence. Try that first and then use a dictionary.

Read the text through again and talk through what you understand and what you are picturing after every paragraph.

Then have a go at the VIPERS questions.