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30th March - 3rd April

In this document, there is a slide per day with arithmetic questions that the children are all used to doing every morning in school. It keeps these key skills ticking over and there is a daily times table fact to learn too. How many times can you use that fact in your day? Make some arrays with different objects. Show it with groups of different objects. Make up a problem for your family.

Keep up your TTRockstars practice too. I've noticed how hard some of you working on that. It's impressive!

Daily lessons

Below are videos of some daily lessons created by Gareth Metcalfe, who is a primary school teacher, working across the country.

They are fantastic active problem-solving lessons and there is a task each day underneath the video to have a go at. All of the skills involved have been covered in school already so the children will be applying what they know. Most of the time you will just need a pencil and paper. Enjoy and good luck!


The 3 Consecutive Numbers Challenge, Y3 & Y4. Be challenged, explore and enjoy!


Find all the possible answers on the Three Numbers Challenge. A great way to develop systematic mathematical thinking for children in Y3 and Y4!


An exploration of subtraction as difference to build the calculation fluency of children in Y3 and Y4.


Use equipment and bar models to unpick sum and difference questions. A great way to build mathematical understanding for Y3 and Y4 children!


Different Stories, Y3 & Y4
Here we look at a range of different word questions that involve calculating the sum and the difference between two numbers. Lots of great opportunities for ...

Other challenges and games

Below are some investigations and challenges and games to have a go at.