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4th - 8th May

What Was Daily Life Like For The Maya?


This week, you will find out what everyday life was like for a Maya and how this might have differed depending on who you were and the job you did. 


Task 1: Find Out More


Let's start by thinking back to the different roles people held within Maya society. There were nobles, farmers, slaves, warriors... how do you think their lives might have been similar or different? 


Look through the PowerPoints and videos below to find out about what life was like for different people in a community. 

Which aspects of daily life have particularly interested you? Food and drink? Fashion? Art?

Pick a couple and do some research to find out as much as you can to add to your knowledge!

Task 2: Make a Fact-File


Now that you know more about what daily life was like for the Maya, have a go at making a fact-file!

You could choose a few different topics that really interest you (food, clothing, education etc) or you could choose to compare the lives of two or three different classes (farmers, nobles, warriors etc).


You could present this as a poster, a booklet, a leaflet or even Top Trump cards! I have linked some templates below but feel free to create your own. 

Task 3: Create Art


Choose a class of Maya society and create a piece of art to represent it.


You might choose to focus on the elaborate headdresses, jewellery and clothing worn by the nobles, or the foods grown and harvested by the farmers. Perhaps you have been inspired by the tattoos of the warriors or the intricate carvings of the craftsmen? The choice is yours!


You could do a drawing, assemble a collage with different materials, make a model, make a meal, create a painting... Use your imagination and send us what you come up with!