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4th May - 8th May



This week, enjoy the short video 'Adrift' and practise some of your writing and comprehension skills using the activities below. 


While you're watching, have a think about these questions:

What is unusual about the whale?

What is unusual about where the girl lives?

What is her home like?

What might it be like to live there?

Adrift -- 3D Animation @ University of Hertfordshire 2010



Task 1: Design A Travelling Creature


Imagine a fantasy world in which people could go and stay on board a travelling creature for a holiday...


- What animal would you choose? Why?

- What kind of place would exist on the animal? Perhaps a tropical beach with a glamorous hotel? Or a tent in a magical forest?

- What would it be like to go on holiday there? 

- What would you see, hear, smell, taste, and touch?


Draw a picture of your travelling creature and label it with descriptive words and phrases. Remember your expanded noun phrases!

Task 2: Persuade Someone To Visit Your Travelling Creature


What are the best things about your travelling animal?

Jot down some notes about the things to do, things to see, features of the hotel/buildings, weather, food... whatever makes your creature special! 


Imagine that somebody is wondering whether or not they should visit your travelling creature. You need to tell them about the best features and convince them it's a brilliant place for a holiday! 


Have a go at writing some sentences to persuade someone to book a holiday aboard your creature. Use the descriptive language on your design and the sheets linked below to make them extra persuasive! 

Task 3: Create A Holiday Brochure


Have a look at the selection of brochures and posters below.

What do you like and dislike about them?

Do they make you want to go there? Why or why not?

Can you pick out any of the persuasive devices you might have used in your sentences in Task 2?


Now, it's your turn! To persuade people to stay on your travelling creature, create your own holiday brochure. 


How are you going to grab the attention of the person reading your brochure?

What sections and subheadings will you include?

Could you add maps and pictures?


You can use the template linked below or create your own layout using paper or the computer.


I am really looking forward to seeing your finished holiday brochures! Make sure you send a picture of your best copy in.

Reading comprehension


Read through the text once to look for any words that are unfamiliar and see if you can use your strategies to decode the word and then work out its meaning from the sentence. Try that first and then use a dictionary.

Read the text through again and talk through what you understand and what you are picturing after every paragraph.

Then have a go at the VIPERS questions.