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4th May - 8th May

How do our bodies move?


You know now that our skeleton is partly responsible for us being able to move but that can't be it! Our bodies would just collapse if we didn't have something connecting our bones together - MUSCLES and tendons which join our muscles to our bones.


Have a watch of these videos to find out more or look at the powerpoint below.


Task 1: What muscles do we use for different activities?


Take a look at the sheet below and look at the names of the muscles.

Can you identify which muscles are used for the activities listed?

Task 2: An active investigation!


You're going to be collecting some data so you need to persuade your family and friends to help you from their own homes!

We're going to be investigating why some people have stronger muscles. Is it because they exercise more or is there another reason?

Choose an exercise (e.g. lunge jumps or burpees. Think Joe Wicks!) to set for for challenge. Ask all your participants to do as many of this exercise as they can until their legs begin to ache. This is where you need honesty!

Record the number they manage.

Next to that record the number of hours of exercise that person does in a week.


Have you noticed any patterns yet?

Now have a go at plotting this information on a graph.


Do you see any patterns now?

Maybe now you want ask people some more specific questions, like what type of exercise they do. Does that make a difference to the strength of their muscles.

For example, I do a lot of running and would consider myself to be a fit person but I've struggled with some of the Joe Wicks lessons because I don't have the strength in different muscles!!


So, in conclusion, what do you think?

Why do people have stronger muscles?

I would love to know what your thoughts are so please email me once you've had a go at this.