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4th May - 8th May

What is digestion?


We've learnt that our teeth chew our food and that different teeth have different roles. What happens to the food after that? This is called digestion and we need a whole digestive system to process the food. That's what you're going to find out about this week.


So, before you do anything else, take a look the videos and resources below to find out all about what digestion is and what the digestive system does.

Task 1


Now see what you remember by completing the sheet below about what each part of the digestive system does.

Task 2


Have a go at creating an artistic interpretation of the digestive system and label the different parts and what they do.

You could draw around yourself and see if you can draw the parts of the digestive system in the right places. You could simply colour it in or create a collage and use different materials for each part of the digestive system.

Task 3


Now remember I said to ask your mums for an old pair of tights?

If you want to get messy and carry on getting to grips with how digestion works in our bodies, take a look at the instructions in the document below and make digestion happen! Send me photos if you have a go at this!