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Teamwork - Respect - Aim High

4th May - 8th May



I’m sure that last week your minds were racing with imaginative, innovative and ingenious ideas for inventions that could really make a difference to somebody or a group of people in the world.


Now it is time to choose your favourite out of all your ideas, the design that you think is the most original, the most helpful, the design that could win the competition.




Produce your final, neat drawing of your design. This will be the one that will be sent off to the engineers later on to be judged. When you have finished it, please keep it somewhere safe to bring into school whenever we reopen and for now, take a photo of it and email it to me on our class email address 


On your design make sure you:

  • Write your first name and Year group.

  • Write the name of your design with a sentence or two about what it is for.

  • Draw your design as clearly as possible.

  • Add some colour.

  • Label the parts to tell people what they are for and what they are made of.

Below, there are some reminders of previous winners.