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6th July - 10th July

Wild Weather

This week, we are going to be focusing on the weather! Think about: 


What do you know about the weather already?

What is the weather like in the UK, where we live?

How does it change?

When do different weather types usually happen? Why?

Task 1: Record Your Own Weather Forecast


Find some time to go outside and see what the weather is like. Think about the sun, clouds and temperature. What clothes do you need? Has the weather changed since yesterday? Make some notes or draw pictures to help you remember using the template below. 

Have a look at the weather report videos below. Weather reports on the television are written by people who watch the weather very carefully and then use symbols to tell everyone.

You have watched the weather outside. Now, you can tell everyone about it using the map and symbols below, just like the weather forecasters on television do! Use the structure below to help you. 

Task 2: Compare Climates


What is the weather like in the UK? Can you think of any countries where the weather is different? How is it different? 


Different countries have different climates. Look at the PowerPoint presentation below to find out more.  

Now, choose two countries with different climates. If you were going to these countries for a holiday, what would you need to pack? Draw and label the items in your two suitcases! You could also label each item with a sentence explaining the reason you have packed it. For example: I have packed suncream in my suitcase to protect my skin because it gets very hot in Australia. 

Task 3: Create Season Inspired Artwork


Find some time to go outside and think about the weather. Then, talk about these questions with someone in your family.

- What were you expecting the weather to be like when you went outside?

- What is the weather usually like at this time of year?

- What do you expect the weather to be like tomorrow?

- How can you tell?

- What season is it? 


Watch the video below to learn more about seasons!

Think carefully about each of our seasons.

- What sort of things remind you of the season? 

- What happens outside during the season?

- What happens to the trees during the season?

- What colours do you see during the season?


Use your ideas to create a piece of art to show how things change in different seasons. 


You can use any materials you like, or a mixture of different ones. You could even make a natural collage, using objects found outside. Have a look at the pictures below to inspire you!

Four Seasons Tree Craft