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6th July - 10th July

Climate Across the World

Task 1: Investigate Climate Zones


This week, we are going to be focusing on climate and how it differs in countries around the world. 

But... what is climate? Watch the video below to find out more! 

How many types of climate did you hear mentioned in the video? Watch the next video to find out more about the different climates found around the world. 
Use the climate map below to locate and label countries in each of the main climate zones. You can use the world map to help you. 

Task 2: Present a Travel Television Show


Choose a climate that interests you and do a little bit of research about it.


- What countries have this climate?

- Where in the world are these countries?

- What is it like to live there?

- What activities can be enjoyed in places with this climate?

- What animals and plants live in this climate?

- Are they adapted in special ways to live there?


When you have found out lots of information about your climate, have a go at writing your own script for a travel television show! Imagine that you are the presenter of the show, giving your audience information about the climate. Then, you could present your show to someone in your family!


Alternatively, you could use your research to create a fact-file or brochure, with information and pictures. 

Task 3: Create a Climate Change Poster


Have a look at the pictures below. What is wrong with them?

All of these pictures show a consequence of climate change. So...

- What exactly is climate change?

- What causes it? 

- How does it happen?

- What are the consequences?


Look at the PowerPoint and website below to find out more.

Have a go at matching the words linked to climate change with their definitions.

Now, make your own poster to inform people about what causes climate change and what the consequences are. You could also include things people could do to help.