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8th June - 12th June


Spooky Settings


Task 1: Describe Your Witch's House

Have you ever read a scary story or poem? Maybe you have watched a film that had a spooky part? Can you remember what made them spooky? What kind of characters did they have? Where did they take place?


Have a look at the witch's house below...

Imagine you are really there... what can you see? Hear? Smell? Touch? Taste? 


Write your ideas down! Try to use adjectives to make your descriptions really clear. You can fill in the senses grid below or make your own. 

Task 2: Describe How You Might Feel


Have a look at the witch's house again, imagining that you are really there.

How would you feel? 

How would you be moving?

How might you react to the sights and sounds around you?


Have a go at acting it out! Imagine you are walking up the crumbly path, looking through a cobweb-covered window or knocking on the old door.


Then, use the template below to write your ideas down. Put your feelings (eg. nervous) in the middle of the body and your actions (eg. tiptoeing) on the outside of the body. 

Task 3: Write a Setting Description

Use your descriptions of the witch's house and the feelings you thought of to write a description of what it is like to be at the haunted house. Make sure you use those fantastic adjectives and verbs so I can imagine that I'm really there when I read it!


Here are some sentence starters to get you going...


I tiptoed slowly up the crumbling, overgrown path and saw...


I looked ahead at the...


Listening carefully, I could hear...


All of a sudden...