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8th June - 12th June


Fabulous Fossils!

180 mln-year-old dinosaur fossils discovered in SW China

Task 1: Create a Fossilisation Comic Strip

What is a fossil? Where does a fossil come from? How is it made? Read the information and watch the videos below to find out more!

Have a go at making a comic strip to show how a fossil is formed using pictures and writing. There are some sentences for you to use below if you wish. You could add to them if you like or write your own!

Task 2: Find Out About Mary Anning

One of the most famous palaeontologists (fossil hunters) in the world was called Mary Anning. She found many pre-historic fossils, including some from the time of the dinosaurs!


Have a look at the links below to learn more about her. 

Mary Anning was a very important person and we have learnt a lot about the world from the work she did with fossils. Have a go at creating a fact-file about her life. Some things you could think about including are:


- Subheadings 

- Timelines

- Illustrations


There is a template below or you could make your own. 

Task 3: Create Fossil Art

Mary Anning made very careful drawings of the fossils she found. Lots of artists around the world use the fascinating shapes of fossils as inspiration for their artwork. Have a go at creating your own fossil art!


There are some pictures below to inspire you, as well as links to ideas and tutorials.