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In Creative Curriculum Swallows are studying the question 'How did the Mary Rose sink?


The class will be looking at the history of the Mary Rose and they'll be investigating the properties of materials. Later they'll use this knowledge to investigate floating and sinking. 


Visit their website to find out more about some of the artefacts that were found on the Mary Rose. 


You could research one of the artefacts from the Mary Rose and find out what it was used for and compare it what we use today for the same job. 


Can build a stronger ship than the Mary Rose?

Are you ready to take on a fun STEM challenge? Using simple household materials, we want you to design and build a boat that floats, even with a weight on bo...

Outside in the garden our bulbs have changed since our last observational drawing on Friday so have a look to see how it's changed and try an observational drawing of it using your shading techniques learnt. When we were outside we found something else exciting. Watch the video and see what we found. Another great chance for you to practise your observational drawing skills using lines of different darkness.

Wildlife in the pond at Gatcombe 23.3.20

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