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This half term the children would be learning: 

'How can I carry a toy safely in a model car?

I will be adding questions and tasks over the next 6 weeks to build a model car with an axle. 

Summer Term Week 5


"How well has my car worked?"


This week we are going to finish off our cars. So now you can make those final adjustments and decorate you cars. Here are some photos below for some children's work so far. 


Once you've finished your car and you are happy with it, it is time to review your project.

Think about:


What went well?

What was difficult?

How did you overcome these difficulties?

If you were to do the project again (or a similar one), what would you do differently?


Once you've thought about those questions have a look at the review form below and please remember to send me a photo of your finished car. 


Summer Term Week 4

How will I test my car? 

Next part of the challenge is about how it runs. The aim is to run your vehicle down a ramp and see how far it will go in a straight line. 

So test you car and see how it goes. 

Once you've checked it you may want to make some changes to get it run further or straighter. 


Here is some further reading that may help you improve your design.

Once you've made some adjustments The next challenge is to try to carry a toy safely in or on your vehicle. You have got to make it safe for your toy (any toy) but you've got to be able to remove it. So you can't just tape it to the side of your car. 


In previous years children have used straps, string and one vehicle tried a magnet to hold a car in place so you can try anything. Remember to test it and improve it. 


Once you have added your safety device. Take your car down the ramp and measure how far it goes. Does it matter where you test it? Is carpet better than a smoother floor?   


I'd love to know the distance.



Summer Term Week 3

How will I construct my car?


This week you will be constructing your car. Woohoo!!! 


I've made a video below that should help to explain how to make the model car. Don't worry if you don't have all of the same materials, just use what you have or can find. 


The car does not to be perfect by the end of this week but you want the car to be able run down a small ramp with the axles running freely. 

How to Make an Axle for a Box Car

A short instructional video on how to make an axle for a box car. Make sure you are being supervised by an adult before you use any materials or make any cut...


Summer Term Week 2

How will my car work? 


Now this week is all about how your car with work. Now there is only really one rule for what your must have and that is that it must have an axle. 


So your first task is to find out what an axle is. You may have come across this last week. 


This video

introduces axles and shows you where they could be found. Some of the places might surprise you! 


Your second task is to do an axle hunt around your house. The video above gives you a couple of clues. There may be some toys that you have that have axles too. 

For this you could draw a picture or make a map of your house with labels of all the places that have an axle. Where is the strangest place? 


Your final task of the week is to make an axle. In the most basic form a stick of spaghetti with a couple of marshmallows on each end would make one. 

Here is one example.

You could try making it into a basic vehicle like a kitchen roll. 


When you've completed your axles it would be great to see them emailed to:



Summer Term Week 1

What will my car look like?


For the moment we are not worried about how our cars are going to work.

All we need to know is that it will be made from a cardboard box and it will have an axle of some kind. It may be worth saving some materials e.g. boxes, skewers and milk bottle as these may be helpful later on. 


This set of websites will help you to investigate axles and ramps before you start to design what the car will look like.


Once you understand what an axle is research the type of vehicle you may want to make. You might want to focus on the important roles of the emergency services and the NHS, food transportation etc at the moment. 


Then draw a plan of what your car may look like.


You may want a drawing of the side, from above, from below and from the front. 


Here are a couple of example cars from previous year groups.



When you've completed your plans it would be great to see them emailed to: