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Week beginning 8th June

We will be working around a book called The Island, by Armin Greder, for the next 2-3 weeks.  Your first task is all about predictions, so you can’t read the book yet! YOU MUST NOT!

See Task 1 below


Further down the page, you will find ‘The Island’ book (a picture book for older Primary children) on the class page for you to read.  YOU MUST NOT READ THE STORY UNTIL TASK 1 HAS BEEN COMPLETED. PROMISE?


If you can, read it with an adult.  Talk about the book together – it is a really good book to share because it will make you discuss the situation, the setting and the actions of the characters! 


Task 2 can't be done until you have read the story.  I hope you have been strong and not looked at the story while doing Task 1?  wink