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Teamwork - Respect - Aim High

Week Beginning Monday 11th May

Watch this interesting short clip about a pug and a robot.  Their relationship is really interesting!

**Award Winning** CGI 3D Animated Short Film: "Dustin" - by The Dustin Team | TheCGBros

Task 1

Once you have watched the clip, think about the main characters; Dustin, DUST IN, Mum. What do you know about them from the clip - personality, likes/dislikes, behaviour?

Complete the story map (page 1) with as much detail as you can.  Watch the clip again if you think it will help.


Now complete the second page of the story map - can you summarise the story in 10 or less key events?  Have a go!


Task 2

How do you think Dustin felt when DUST IN arrived?  What do you think he thought?  If he were to skulk off grumpily after he had been shown DUST IN and pour out his feelings to his Diary, what do you think he would write?   


I thought it was just another day of being preened, pampered and petted by  my favourite owner.  Then, out of the blue a parcel arrived, and it appeared it was for me too.  Was it my birthday?  NO!.  However, she opened it with me.....


Get into Dustin's mood at the time the package arrived, before he had really investigated it, and write his grumpy, selfish, moan-filled diary.  Use the attached crib sheet to help you with including high quality diary conventions.


Task 3

Watch very carefully the section between 3:04 and 3:31 on the timer.  Write a narrative of this part of the story.  You can include character description (mood and action) action description, speech (remember to use the correct punctuation!) and of course, a range of different sentence types to match your (as the author) purpose for the reader.  You can include illustrations too if you would like to?


Task 4

The relationship between Dustin and DUST IN changed quite considerably over the short clip.  Complete the table below to show how, when and the evidence you saw to prove the changes in the relationship.


Task 5

Finally, what happened next?  Write the next installment! You can do this either as a narrative, a comic strip or a play script.  YOUR CHOICE.


Because I am such a great, understanding teacher....

There will be no reading comprehension for you to do this week as there is a lot of work around DUST IN and Dustin.  There is also a high reading expectation around the curriculum work this week.  I am so looking forward to reading those letters....and seeing the photos of your facial expressions as well as the letters.   However, I DO still expect you to read lots and lots and lots and lots............ :)