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Week beginning Monday 18th May

For your Curriculum work linked to the Victorians this week, I would like you to research an amazing man called Isambard Kingdom Brunel.  What a great name!  

I have attached some resources for you; one of them has two really good links to short videos about IKB.  So you have text to read, video clips to watch and I would also like you to do your own research too - particularly so that you can see images of the amazing things this incredible Victorian human built. 

So, awesome Ospreys, your tasks are as follows:


Task 1

  • Read the attached resources
  • Watch the two video clips
  • Do some of your own research to see IKB's creations for yourselves


Task 2

Your choice here.  In some way, present the information you have found out about IKB so that it will be a really useful resource for younger children to use (Y2 or Y3).  All well presented resource packs will be used at Gatcombe next year for one of these year groups, who will be learning about Isambard Kingdom Brunel as part of their History work.  So,think about the way you present the information for 7-8 year olds to learn from.  (Make it interesting for them, and please include the technical language for them to learn too - you may need to include a glosssary)


Task 3

Get creative! 

Use any 'stuff' you have at home (paper, loo roll tubes, cereal boxes, milk cartons etc) to make a model of one of IKB's bridges/viaducts.


Make a very careful, detailed and accurate drawing of one of IKB's bridges/viaducts/ships


Task 4

Send me a photo.