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Week beginning Monday 27th April

How did the Victorians change Britain?


We have a new history topic to start! How exciting! First of all, we are going to consider...


Who were the Victorians? 


Session 1

Using the timeline template (or make your own) and key dates in the resources below, you need to create a timeline of important Victorian dates. What did you find most interesting? Is there anything you want to know more about? 


Session 2

Have a look at this website. 

There, you will find information about famous Victorian inventions. Your task is to choose an iconic inventor from the Victorian era and do some more research. 

Some famous inventors include Samuel Morse, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison and many more. 

You could tell me who the inventor was, what they invented, how they did it and how their invention has impacted your life today. 

You could present your research in a poster or leaflet format. 


I have linked plenty of research resources including powerpoints, videos and website links below. 


Horrible Histories - Victorian Inventions Song | Horrible Songs | Vile Victorians

The Victorians invented a lot more things than you may think they have!