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Summer 1 Week 1 20th April- 25th April

Watch the video below that is called Soar.

Soar Video

Task 1


Who are the main characters in this film?


The main character is called Mara. She is the human girl. Can you draw an outline of a person like the one below and then write words that describe her personality inside the person and words that describe what she looks on the outside. 


There are some example words below the picture.




brown, large, bright, big, wide, beautiful, open, clear, soft, watchful, 


curious, brilliant, intelligent, hopeful, expressive, gentle, optimistic,


framed, thin-rimmed, enormous, round


Open the file below for even more vocabulary. 


Now use some of you vocabulary to write some sentences about Mara. 


You could use conjunctions to expand your ideas 

e.g. and, so, or, because, that, when


Mara is determined because she never gives up when she is trying to fix the elf's plane. 


Mara has got thin rimmed glasses that sit on her cute,pointy nose. 

Task 2


Rewatch Soar. 

What might the characters be saying to themselves or each other?


Look at these speech bubbles in the document below 


Can you think of sentences that the characters might be saying to each other? 


What punctuation would you need in each speech bubble?   


Capital letters, full stops, question marks, exclamation marks etc

Task 3


Create your best possible paper aeroplane!

Then think about the key steps you went through to make it. Write yourself a set of clear and detailed instructions of how to make your paper aeroplane.

Remember to include an introduction, an equipment list and clear numbered steps with detail.

Then see if someone can follow your instructions! Send it to the school's email address ( and I will see if I can make it!



Reading Comprehension 


This den building comprehension task may help you with your instructions or give you some great ideas about building your own den. 


Remember to re read the text to build fluency before answering the questions.