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Summer 1 Week 2 27th April- 1st May



I hope you enjoyed the fantastic video, Soar, last week and had some creative fun doing some of the tasks.

This week, you get some more chances to watch the video again and use your imagination!


Watch the video all the way through again to remind yourself about what happens. Then have a go at the tasks below.

SOAR Video



Below are some short tasks related to the video. There are links to resources that can be printed and used or are quite easy to draw yourself. Enjoy.


Task 1


Where is the elf going?

Where do you think she comes from?

What do you think her home planet is like?

Is everyone there like her?


Now draw a picture of what the elf's home planet might be like. If you're a little stuck for ideas, have a look below at some pictures below of fantasy worlds. Then label your drawing with descriptive language. Can you use some expanded noun phrases? 

Have a look at the resources below to help you with some language.


Task 2


Look at your drawing and language describing the elf's planet. I am so intrigued to know what creative ideas you have come up! Now have a think about it in some more detail...

What can you see on the planet?

What can you hear?

What can you smell?

Can you taste anything?

What can you touch? What does it feel like?


Now you've had a think, jot down your ideas either on the grid below or on any piece of paper. Remember you can use all the resources from task 1 to help with any language. 


Task 3


Now you have so much incredible language about your imagined elf's world!

Have a go at piecing in altogether in a short piece of writing describing the setting. Use a range of your adjectives and use some of your different conjunctions from last week. 


When you've had a go at a draft, check it carefully and write it up neatly. You can either print the attached paper or decorate your own paper with a border. Then send us an email with your writing so we can celebrate what you've done.