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Summer 1 Week 2 W/B 27.04.20

This week we are going to be watching a fantastic video called 'Soar'. Watch the video below then scroll down to find some tasks to complete this week. 


Task 1

The characters don't talk to each other in the video. If they did, what might the characters say to each other? Fill in the speech bubbles with your ideas. Remember you are writing as if you are the character so you might need to use the pronoun 'I'. You could even act this out with someone you live with. You could even film this and send it into the email address! 




Task 2

Where do you think the elf has come from? Draw a picture of his home planet and label it with key features. Use the sound mat to help you to decide how you will write the sounds you can hear. You could even write about it and maybe imagine you are sending someone a postcard from there. How would you describe it to someone who has never seen it? As an extra challenge why don't you draw or make your planet in a different way. You could paint it, draw it with chalk outside or even create a 3D model! I'd love to see your creative ideas! 



Task 3


The main character spends a long time trying to create her model aeroplanes. I wonder if you could create a paper aeroplane that can fly? How far does it go? How would you help someone else make one? Write a set on simple instructions with pictures to help someone to make a paper aeroplane. Don't forget to send any pictures (or maybe even videos!) of your creations.