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Summer 1 Week 3 W/B 04.05.20

This week we will be watching a video called 'Adrift'. Once you've watched the video, scroll down to find some tasks to complete. Don't forget to send any pictures of your learning to


Task 1

Draw a picture of the travelling animal. What do you notice about it? What can you see? Label it with adjectives and other descriptive phrases. 



Task 2

Imagine you were trying to persuade someone to go on holiday aboard a whale. What would you tell them to encourage them to go? Create a poster all about aboard a whale. Here's an idea to get you started:

Have you ever thought about a holiday aboard a whale? Well now your dream can come true! 


Task 3

Imagine you could travel on top of any animal in the world. Which animal would you choose? What would be on top of the animal? Would you have a house? Or a park? Or a beach? Design your animal and describe it. Where would you an your animal go? You can design your animal in any way you want. You could draw a colour it, paint it, make it out of playdough. The choice is yours! 


Extra challenge!

Write a postcard from the top of your chosen animal. Who will you send it to? Where have you been? How will you describe it? Don't forget to draw a picture on the front to show where you have been!