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Summer 1 Week 4 11th May- 15th May



This week's English tasks are based around the film Dustin.



Task 1 


What is it like to be Dustin the dog?


What was his life like before the robot arrived?


Complete the speech bubbles below to describe what Dustin May have been thinking. If you don't have a printer draw your own pictures of Dustin and you could add some different parts of the story. 


What punctuation would you need in each speech bubble?   


Capital letters, full stops, question marks, exclamation marks etc

Task 2 


Look at the dog and robot’s relationship?

How did it change?


Use these sentence stems to structure your ideas.

"In the beginning…but now…." 

"At first they…but then…. "

"A change happened when…."

"Their relationship changed from…to…. I noticed that….”


What do you think Dustin though was in the box at first? 


Can you come up with some ideas that Dustin would have liked and some that he wouldn't have liked?


When you have some ideas practise your use of the conjunction because and but.


Dustin got a sweet treat because it was his birthday. He was happy but it was the only gift he received.’





Task 3 


What do you think happened next?


Try story boarding the next chapter. Remember to keep some things the same but make some changes and maybe add new characters or settings (like when we wrote the next chapter of the 'The Owl and the Pussycat'). 



Once you have put your ideas into a storyboard you can write up your chapter and then please send me a copy at 


I'd love to see it!