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Summer 1 Week 5 W/B 18.05.20

STEM Competition Week 5 - Time to write your persuasive letter to the engineers that will judge your entry!


Take a look below at the tasks below and follow them to make sure you get your best letter written to convince the engineers that your idea is THE BEST and should be made into a prototype.


Task 1 - Look at examples of persuasive letters


What is persuasion? It means trying to get someone to do something. You might persuade your adult to buy you sweets when you go shopping! 


Read the example letters below and pick out any language that you think is persuasive and polite. This will be a formal letter and it must be persuasive but also polite!


What do you like about how these letters are written? 

Is there anything that you would add to make the letter better?



Task 2 - Plan your letter


Think about your idea and talk through these questions with somebody in your house.


What is the main benefit?

Who does it help?

Why is the problem that you’re solving?

How does your idea actually work? 

How did you come up with the idea? 

Who or what were you inspired by?

Which engineer have inspired you? (Look back at the videos from Week 1 of the competition)

Why is YOUR idea special?

Why should they build your idea as a prototype?


Now jot down some ideas to answer each question. This will help you to write your final letter. 


Task 3 - Write a draft of your letter and edit it


Now have a go at writing a draft of your letter. Take your time and take care. Use the answers to the questions you wrote to help you think about what you will put into your letter. 


When you have finished your draft, proof-read it for spelling and punctuation. Then check again that it makes sense and you are happy with the language that you have used.


Your letter must fit on one side of A4 and must use at least 100 words. 


Task 4 - Publish a neat copy of your letter


Now it’s time to write out your letter in your neatest handwriting, ready to send to the engineers.

Lay out your letter like the picture below. Please do not put any address at the top as we usually would on letters, as you may not have enough space. 

Remember your letter must fit on one side of A4 and must use at least 100 words.


When you have finished, please take a photo of your letter and send it to me at

Then we can send it off for you.

Make sure you have also sent in your neat copy of your labelled picture with your first name and year group on.