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Summer 2 week 1 01.06.20 - 05.06.20

This week we are continuing learning about money

Try to answer these questions:

What do we use money for?

Why is it important to learn about money?

What coins do you remember from the previous lesson?


Join in another lesson about money. Start watching from the 4th minute.


8. Consider the value of 2p, 5p and 10p coins

Watch a video about Hassan's shopping. What have you learnt?


Money story for children UK

Have a go playing 'shopping' with a member of your family. You can use pictures from below or you can make your own prices for your toys (up to 10p first, then up to 20p).


At the beginning use 1p coins only. If you are ready to challenge yourself, start using 2p coins. Remember that 2p coin has got the same value as two 1p coins so when you are counting 2p you need to touch this coin twice.

Enjoy playing an ICT game. Start with 1p coins.

Have fun doing these activities: